Tuesday Night SBR

Don’t miss out!

The weather will be warmer than last week and the wind is supposed to be light.

If you want to run with the group, the run portion won’t begin until 7-7:10pm.

You can always come and just ride or just run.

Make sure you have lights on the front and rear of your bike.

See you tomorrow! #tuesdaysbr #sprintbrickrun #montgomerymultisport Are you looking to strengthen your cardio, increase your bike speeds and/or lower your run times?

Join us at Montgomery Multisport on Tuesday at 6:00pm for Sprint-Brick-Run Training. Not just for triathletes or road cyclists, this training is guaranteed to enhance your current workouts.

The following details give you an idea of what to expect on Tuesday’s SBR training sessions.
– You can choose to Sprint, Run or do both.
– If you choose only to Ride, wheels up at 6:00pm
– If you choose only to run, then you can choose to run at 7:00pm with the first group back from the ride.
– Distances are 22-30 mile ride and 2-3 mile run
– There will be TWO Groups:
– Group 1 may reach speeds of 21+ mph during the ride. You must be capable of maintaining an 18mph average
– Group 2 may reach speeds of 18mph. You must be capable of maintaining a 16mph average.
– Riders MUST BE very comfortable with riding alone in the possible event he or she falls off the pace of the group.
-This is NOT a group ride.
– Wheels up @ 6:00p sharp.
Tuesday Night SBR 1