The Right Running Shoes Make a Difference

Bill Richardson had always had a love for food, but one day, he looked in the mirror and realize that heThe Right Running Shoes Make a Difference 1 had crept up to 225 lbs, and standing at just 5’10’’, Bill could tell the difference; not just in how he looked but how he felt.

“I had several health issues that I really didn’t pay much attention to including borderline high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. I had a CPAP machine as well.”

In the last half of 2017, Bill decided that he had to make a decision to embrace a healthy lifestyle change. For him this included a healthy diet, yoga classes, and running.

In January of 2018, Bill began a running program where he started with one-minute intervals of jogging and running and worked his way up to running two miles at a time without stopping. After following this program for about three months, Bill’s ankle, knee and hip on his left side began causing him pain.

“I was 51 at that time and wondered if I would be able to continue running. I also thought that maybe running at my age just hurt.”

That’s where Montgomery Multisport entered the story! Bill had done business with Montgomery Multisport before with road bikes and mountain bikes but had never worked with the run shop.

Before beginning his running journey, Bill hadn’t consulted anyone and simply bought a pair of running shoes that google said were made for “heavier runners” but google didn’t take into account his stride or arches.

“When I went to Montgomery Multisport and told them about my pain they suggested going through their fit system.”

Through the fit system, Bill found the right shoes for his stride as well as the perfect inserts for his moderately high arches. According to Bill, on the next run, his pain was gone!

“After getting the right gear from Montgomery Multisport my running distances and pleasure improved.”

Bill says that without Montgomery Multisport, he doubts he would have kept running and thus would not have had the success that he’s had.

Through his healthy diet and running, Bill has lost 40 lbs and gotten rid of his health problems as well.

“With the weight loss and life style changes. I am no longer being urged to get on blood pressure meds, and I have ceased using my CPAP at all!”

Bill has embraced a healthy lifestyle and suggests people go to Montgomery Multisport not only for running shoes but for an array of services and products.

“I think that at any level of fitness a person can find items at MMS that will help them get fit and feel better while they do it.”

And Bill can say from experience, “It is so much better to go to Montgomery Multisport than to just wing it on your own.”