In 2004, a group of local triathletes organized themselves and began a website and a club with the name Montgomery MultiSport.

In 2009, the club banded together and held our first formal multi-sport charity event. The Baptist Health Kid’s Triathlon @ the Bell Road YMCA was that first endeavor. 150 kid’s swam, biked, and ran to the finish. Shortly thereafter, we organized the New Park Family Duathlon and the PT Solutions Sprint Triathlon as part of the 2010 Montgomery MultiSport Family Fitness Series.

On September 1st, 2010 five of the club members opened the doors of Montgomery MultiSport, the Triathlon Store. In March of 2011 we had to expand an additional 750 sq. feet as we deepened our investment in the running community adding new diagnostic equipment and four additional shoe manufacturers.

The shop is a candy store for the swimmer, biker, runner, or triathlete… be they a newbie or a veteran.