Group Rides

Shop rides start and finish at Montgomery MultiSport.

Group rides are led by experienced riders who are comfortable with leading riders of all levels. We ask that attendees who have little to no experience riding in groups please inform group leads so we can adjust the instruction, tempo and or distance of the ride to accommodate the least experienced rider. There are different levels of ride groups to further accommodate levels of experience. Please like the Montgomery Multisport Facebook page to get the latest on Beginner, Intermediate (B & C-level) and Experienced (A-level) ride groups.

  • Tuesday MorningΒ 5:00 am
  • Thursday Morning 5:00 am
  • Thursday EveningΒ 5:30Β pm

The Bike Service Department

Choose the program for you!

  • $75.00

  • Drivetrain Service
  • FrontRear brake adjustment
  • FrontRear shifting adjustment
  • Straighten derailleur hanger
  • Clean and lubricate chain
  • Inspect all cables & housings
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Inspect bicycle for damage
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  • $125.00

    Customer Favorite

  • Deluxe Tune Up
  • Clean frame
  • True wheels
  • Clean drivetrain
  • Adjust headset, bottom bracket, Hubs, chainrings, & cassette
  • Check/adjust all bolts and fasteners
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  • $185.00

  • Overhaul
  • Complete bicycle disassembly
  • Cleaning of all components
  • Reassembly with fresh grease
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  • $200.00

  • Tri-Bike Overhaul
  • Complete bicycle disassembly
  • Extensive Cleaning of all components
  • Truing of wheels
  • Reassembly with fresh grease
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Additional Services

In addition to cost of maintenance package, an additional $7.50 “service center supplies fee” is added for coverage of cleaners, lubricants, rags and disposal of materials
Install Tire/Tube $10.00
Assemble and Tune shipped bike (Bike is already partially assembled): $150
Complete “frame up” build and tune $300
Call or visit shop for all other individual labor charges

Service Policies

Repairs/Services will be offered in a “first come, first served” schedule. Walk ins are welcome and some repairs/services may be handled at the time of visit, depending on current service work load and manager’s discretion. Appointments are suggested if customer needs a 24 hour turn around on repair/service. Call during regular business hours to set up your repair/service appointment today.

Any required disassembly of a bike for repair/service will first undergo proper measuring of fit orientation so the bike can be reassembled to proper former fit position.

Mechanical adjustments made in any of the “maintenance packages” have a 1 week guarantee, if any further adjustments are necessary after having a maintenance package service completed on your bike, those adjustments will be complimentary.

All service related customers will receive notification, via phone call and/or email, when repair/service is complete. Upon attempt of notification, any bikes left in the shop for longer than 1 week will receive an additional $5/day storage fee for up to 30 days. We will make at least 1 more attempt to notify the customer of the completed repair/service during the 30 day period. After 30 days, the bicycle or component left for repair/service will be claimed by Montgomery Multisport, unless otherwise communicated with by the customer. We are not responsible for bicycles or components left at the shop for more than 30 days after repair/service is complete and attempt to notify customer has been made.