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Montgomery Multisport the perfect shoe fit from the experts

  • According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 85% of the population are wearing the wrong shoe.
  • The ACSM defined wrong as incorrectly sized, this percentage doesn't even account for inappropriate style, type or catagories of shoes.




Montgomery Multisport shoe store process







This is where we discuss your running/walking history, any injuries, and your short and long term goals.


Montgomery Multisport Running Store Shoe ProcessSTEP TWO:  FOOT SIZE MEASUREMENT

We record the critical measurements of your feet including total foot length, foot width and your arch length.  Different brands and models within these brands are targeted at these measurements and the ratios between them.


Montgomery Multisport arch analysis aetrex istep running storeSTEP THREE:  DIGITAL FOOT ANALYSIS

Using our Aetrex iStep system, we can determine your exact arch height.  This further assist us in determining the model of shoe you need and if an orthotic solution could be beneficial.


Cybex Video Gait analysis at Montgomery Multisport Running Shop MarathonSTEP FOUR:  VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS

Our MotionPro video software technology records you walking and running on our CYBEX treadmill.  Subsequently, we sit down with you, replay the video and review the results of your gait and overall running form.

Video gait analysis allows us to determine foot strike, type and degree of pronation/supination, and toe off so we can make a final recommendation on a brand and model.


Montgomery Multisport shoes asics brooks saucony mizuno kswiss newton runningSTEP FIVE:  SHOE SELECTION

Lastly, we pull the shoes that fit your diagnosis and let you select the ones that are most comfortable and best fit your budget and style.   A last run on the treadmill and you are on your way to a better running or walking experience !

Our simple, quick highly effective system of shoe selection is done by our highly educated staff made up of Certified Running Coaches, Certified Personal Trainers, Marathoners, and Ironman Triathletes.  All trained by our physical therapist.


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