altMontgomery Multisport offers private coaching and training plan development by certified running, cycling, and Triathlon instructors.

Montgomery Multisport also supports NEXT LEVEL, a Youth USATF Track and Field team.  Information on the team and youth coaching can be found at:




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Coach Hardy Sellers:

Coach Michelle Baker:



Coach Neal Zeanah:

Growing up on the Alabama Gulf Coast my life from an early age revolved around water. I worked my summers in high school and college as a beach lifeguard and swim instructor helping the young and “young at heart” find enjoyment and comfort in swimming. I entered the world of triathlon in 2011 and have enjoyed the ride ever since.  Being a husband/father/employee and athlete training for and completing Ironman I understand the fine balance that must be maintained to remain successful in all areas. I believe that open communication is the foundation for the athlete/coach relationship to be successful. Consistency and commitment on behalf of all parties, to the overall plan prepares the athlete to cross the finish line. Although I am based in the Central Alabama, I work with athletes around the United States.


-USA Triathlon Certified Level 1 Coach

- USA Cycling Certified Level 3 Coach

- American Heart Association Basic Life Support(BLS) Instructor

- Ironman Finisher

- Multiple Half Ironman Finisher

- Escape from Alcatraz Finisher

- Many triathlon Sprint and Olympic “Top 10” and podium finishes

SILVER - $100/month

  • Evaluation of past training
  • Develop future goals specific to the individual athlete
  • Weekly communication via e-mail
  • Basic Athlete Edition account
  • Workouts are sent in four week blocks
  • Weekly training log review
  • Detailed plan tailored to your needs
  • Race prep taper plan and post race recovery plan
  • Race day nutrition plan
  • Monthly Phone Call
  • Set-up fee $75


GOLD - $150/month

  • Includes everything in the SILVER Program and the following:
  • Unlimited communication initiated by the athlete via e-mail and weekly phone call.
  • Workouts are sent in one-to-four week blocks, based on the athletes preference
  • Coach feedback on Key Workouts
  • Course Specific Strategy for upcoming races
  • A Heart Rate Monitor or GPS device is recommended at this level of coaching
  • Discounton MMS Multisport Training gear, Camps, Sponsors
  • Set-up fee $75

PLATINUM - $200/month

  • Includes everything in the GOLD Program and the following:
  • Unlimited communication via e-mail, text and phone call initiated by the athlete
  • Video swim analysis and feedback quarterly
  • A Power Meter, Heart Rate Monitor and/or GPS device is recommended at this level of coaching
  • Detailed race plan including pacing, nutrition, Power, and Heart Rate strategy
  • Discounton MMS Multisport Training Gear, Camps, Sponsors
  • Set-up fee $75


Other services :

Video Swim Analysis - $100 – drill and instruction to improve your stroke, assessment of your swim video including a breakdown of your stroke using motion analysis software.

Pre-built Training Plans for your specific race.

            Sprint – TBD

            Olympic - TBD

            Half Iron - TBD

            Full Iron – TBD

Additional services can be added at the request of the athlete.  Additional services sourced through verified / credentialed 3rd parties are also available. 


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