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Mon-Fri 10am-6pm/ Sat 9am-5pm/ Closed Sun


Montgomery Multisport Bike Fit





Drivetrain Service $60

F & R brake adjust
F & R shifting adjust
Straighten derailleur hanger
Clean and lubricate chain
Inspect drivetrain and all cables/housing
Inflate tires
Inspect bicycle for damage and other maintenance issues

Standard Tune Up $100

Drivetrain Service +
Clean frame
True wheels
Adjust headset, bottom bracket, & hubs
Clean drivetrain (crank, chainrings, & cassette)
Check/adjust all bolts and fasteners

Overhaul $180

Standard Tune Up +
Complete bicycle disassembly
Cleaning/Overhaul of all components
Reassembly of bicycle with fresh grease

Miscellaneous//Ala Carte Labor

Misc. rack fee $10
Bike Build from Box $100 (includes DT Service)
Bike Disassembly $50 ($100 pack-to-ship + applicable ship fees)
Shifting or brake adjust $12
Tube/Tire Replacement $10
Cable/Housing Replacement $10 per line (internal routing fee $5 ea)
Hub Adjust $15
Bottom Bracket Adjust $25
Headset/Bottom Bracket/Hub Overhaul $30
Fork Removal/Install $40
Suspension Fork/Rear Shock Seals & Oil Service $40
Wheel True $20
Wheel Dish/Tension $35
Wheel Build $80
Tubular Tire Service $50
Tubeless Tire Conversion/Install $25
Component/Accessory Install $15 ( + additional applicable charges)

*Bicycles that are deemed exceptionally dirty may require an additional $15 cleaning fee.
*Not responsible for bicycles left at the shop for more than 30 days. Customers will be
  charged a storage fee of $5 per day for bicycles left more than 5 business days after
  repair completion. We make every attempt to notify customers promptly upon completion
  of all repairs; we are not responsible for failed attempts of notification.

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