Advanced Fit Services

Professional and Amateur Riders from across the entire southeast have flown in to be professionally fit by our technicians.  

It's worth it to have it done right... the first time.

·       Background and Experience

o   Supervised by doctoral trained physical therapist with board certifications in orthopedics and clinical electrophysiology, certified triathlon coach and certified athletic trainer with extensive experience in injury management and prevention in biking, running and triathlon.

o   Extensive experience in video analysis (DARTFISH)

o   Certified Retul fitter

o   Numerous clinical presentations on running mechanics and injury and bicycle mechanics, injury and injury prevention.


·       Musculoskeletal/Biomechanical Assessment


o   The most cost-effective improvement in bicycling efficiency is a proper bike fit.

o   A proper bike fit has the potential to improve power output and subsequently speed, more than any other mechanical enhancement or combination of enhancements to the bicycle itself.

o   A proper bike fit will 1) identify the appropriate bike frame (geometry and sizing) and 2) maximize the efficiency and power output.

o   A musculoskeletal review is critical to understand biomechanical limitations of the rider. Corresponding modifications must be made to the bike fit.

§  This process helps us identify old injuries, ongoing injuries and pain patterns that can be alleviated through a proper bike fit

·       Maximizing Power Output

o   Dynamic assessment utilizing both video analysis and computer controlled power output analysis

o   Video analysis allows dynamic assessment of the rider’s mechanics under a load

§  Because of biomechanical/strength/flexibility variations between riders, a given set of angles at a given joint does not always maximize a rider’s power output. In some cases, depending or relying on a pre-established angle at a given joint may exacerbate a pre-existing or ongoing injury or worse yet, actually cause an injury or pain pattern.

o   Power output is monitored as biomechanical efficiency is refined through the bike fit process

·       New Bicycle Fit Process

o   Following the musculoskeletal/biomechanical assessment (described above) the customer is fit using a Serotta International Cycling Institute sizing cycle. This fitting tool is coupled with a computer-controlled ergometer and allows dynamic changes to the cyclist well under a load. This combination of computer controlled power output coupled with video analysis allows for a very accurate fitting process.

o   The next step is to identify a bicycle frame that most closely represents the ideal fit based on the sizing cycle.

o   The data obtained from the sizing cycle is then transferred to the ideal frame and ideal components for that cyclist.

o   The final step is a final video analysis of the rider on the new bicycle.

·       Existing Bicycle Fit Process

o   Following the musculoskeletal/biomechanical assessment (described above) the customer is evaluated using video analysis (DARTFISH) to identify musculoskeletal deficits and biomechanical inefficiencies.

o   Assuming the cyclist has the appropriate bicycle to begin with, modifications are then made to the bike fit to maximize and complement the rider’s biomechanics.

o   If we learn that a bicycle is not appropriate to the rider, we will begin the new bike fit process.

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