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alt   First, there are A, B and C rides. What does that mean to you?

  Well an "A" ride is usually going to average 23+, consist of a lot of drafting, sprinting, and fun. You will be    waited on at the first major turn but probably not after that. We’ve all been dropped in this ride at one time or  another. Distances are 25-100+ miles and will be posted prior to the ride.

  A "B" ride is kind of quick averaging between 18-22 but you will be waited on at every major turn. No person left behind. If you average 15 and show up for a B ride they will wait on you but they will kindly recommend a C ride for you. Distances vary and will be posted prior to the ride.

A "C" ride is 15-18 and is meant for beginners. This is a conversational ride where the group sticks together. Distances vary and will be posted prior to the ride.

For participation in any formal group rides or races a signed waiver is required. Please always wear a helmet.


Current Rides:

Check the MMS CLUB site for details during the winter. All start from the shop.


MMS Weekly Adventures

Did you know that MMS hosts weekly runs leaving

Mellow Mushroom @ 6pm

every MONDAY?

The 2, 3 and 5 mile variety.  ALL paces welcome. After the run, join back up at Mellow Mushroom for fun and discounts !

Monday not good?  or yearn for more?  Try the

Thursday 6:00pm Chipotle Run.

Always check the Facebook page for details.

Questions?  Hit the Facebook page.


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Our vision is to be the premier swim, bike and run facility in the southeast by exceeding the expectations of the beginner to the elite, inspiring athletes of all ages.




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