Matt D

Just wanted to let you know about my Father's Day surprise and props to Andy. April got the money I had been saving up, added to it, and got me a bike for Father's Day. She went to the shop Friday to get/order it for me but wasn't sure which one it was. Andy was very patient and helpful in working with her. The best part is he took the time to "Punk" me

with a phone call acting as if he was trying to meet a sales quota for the owners, and was calling me as a follow up to the test ride and asked which bike I was interested in and what he needed to do to get me to buy it.  All to find out which bike it was that I wanted for her to make the purchase.

I truly appreciate him taking the time to do that, but I also want to make sure that Shawn gets some credit as well for spending more than an hour with me a few weeks ago as I did a few test rides and talked about all of the options.

In the end, I ended up getting the Felt F95. Andy had to order it in my size and said he thought it might be here Wednesday. I hope to be able to join in on some group rides in a couple of weeks once I am able to get comfortable on the new bike. 

Matt D


Thanks Matt D, Awesome Story.  See you on the road soon !!!



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